Friday, March 30, 2012

The crazy quick birth of Sawyer Belle!

Oh my word, could our 2 birthing experiences be any more different?  With Harper I got induced around 11 am due to Pre-E.  Not a whole lot happened until around 10 when my water broke, then it was pretty intense, got an epidural, pushed for 2 hours... she came out at 5:30 am.  Sawyer's was so different...

After having contractions and false labor for a few weeks, she surprised us all and didn't come early.  So we were set to get induced on Monday, so Sunday evening we made sure everything was ready and went to bed early, because we were supposed to be at the hospital by 5:15am.  At around 9:30, I thought maybe my water was leaking, and maybe I was having contractions about 6 minutes apart... but I didn't say anything, I figured we were going to be at the hospital so early, I'd just wait it out.  Around 10:30 I got up to go to the bathroom and whoops... it was my water because it just broke the rest of the way and I just stood there with my mom and Ryan asking what to do and I couldn't get over the fact that my pants were all wet.  So I decided to hop in the shower real quick, by the time I got out, my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and I had to stop and breathe through them, so we throw everything in the car, and head in to the hospital while my mom gets Harper up and calls my sister in law, Cherie to come get her.  we check in around 11:45, the nurse takes FOREVER asking really stupid questions, and I just suffer in silence and do what I can to deal with the labor, I'm pretty sure I hear her tell some other nurse that we are just taking our time getting her ready for the epidural... and in my head I want to punch her in the face.  Finally the epidural dude gets there (notice I haven't mentioned being checked yet for how far along I am yet??)  So it takes forever, and so far, this is the worst part, trying to sit there while this doofus digs around in my back and makes a couple of attempts, then finally gets it in, I think I hear the doofus mention something is wrong with the epidural machine.  They have me lay down and all of a sudden I can't not push, so FINALLY the nurse thinks maybe its about time she checks me, and sees how far along I am... "Oh, there's the head, oh, and you are 10"  All of a sudden there are doctors and nurses and 5 minutes of pushing later, at 1:47 am, there is 8lbs 2oz, 21.75in of baby handed to me... which I'm still pretty much in shock, because my labor really just started 3 hours ago, and I just delivered unmedicated... even though I had to suffer through that whole epidural nonsense (we aren't too happy about that whole didn't check me first thing), also I am the least tough person ever... 

Any who, really it went great (except that one part).  It was quick, not painless... but I survived.  And we were out of the hospital 22 hours after my labor began. 

We are in love with both of our little girls, and transitioning as best we can (my mom has been a huge help and we are sad to see her go tomorrow).  Harper LOVES her little sister and wants to hold her all of the time, and gets mad when we take her away. 

Sawyer Belle... Already being stubborn and doing things in her own terms.

Still a bit in shock that she's here... found out later that the cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times and that she was sunny-side up.

Harper Willow meeting her baby sister, she wasn't so sure at first, but she warmed up.

The board... I don't know why I took a picture, but why not?

Being a newborn is obviously hard work... there's all that eating, and sleeping, and poo-ing.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Bags are Packed...

We're ready to go!  And I mean REEEEAAADY! We are less than 2 weeks from Sawyer Belle's due date, and really she can come anytime.  My head knows that she will come when she is ready, my heart is torn between wanting her here and wanting my mom here for her birth, the rest of my body obviously doesn't talk to my head or heart at all and wants this kid out now!! 

Any who, everything is set for her arrival, so she may come whenever!  I told Ryan she couldn't come until I hung up her wall shelf thingy, which I did, so yay!  Our hospital bags are packed (for real this time), Natasha went with me to get a pedicure (obviously you can't go into labor with ugly toes), the who to text list when labor happens has been made and given to Ryan, Ok, so I still have a little bit of work to finish up, but you know... I can do that in between contractions, yes?

So now... we are just playing the waiting game, which I'm really really good at... except I'm not.  I've been trying to keep busy, but still find myself staring at my stomach yelling "COME OUT!!" unfortunately, this morning, Harper also started yelling "OUT!" because obviously it is a fun game. 

The shelf that needed to be hung prior to Sawyer's arrival

Keeping Busy, HW and I made sugar cookies, she was not a fan of getting flour on her hands

Keeping Busy still... Park date with Beckett... they do not understand why we are making them stand in this train

Beckett loves him some swings, HW tolerates the swings so she doesn't seem un-cool in front of her hot date.

When all else fails... just put them behind bars, because obviously that is fun for them.

Coffee date after the park, Harper's first ever starbucks drink!  Its called a MOO... or whole milk... no ice, Beckett had an empty cup... yum!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Prego Pics & Date Night!

Once again, lets talk about how awesome my friends are...

Yesterday the Pennebakers came over and took some prego pics.  You know who did not enjoy the experience, Harper and Beckett, not fans.  Harper also hates having her picture taken (I have no idea where she gets that) Thanks amazing Pennebakers!!! (I will still figure out a way to pay you with food)

Also... Tonight, Ryan King and I are going on a date.  The last time we went on a date was when we discovered we were pregnant.  Tonight we are going to the melting pot... because I want to dip stuff in beery cheese and chocolate... Perhaps I will go into labor and our dates will kind of be like little end caps to the pregnancy.  Anyways... Thanks amazing Natasha for watching HW (for both dates actually)  I hope you enjoy your pizza and cable!

Lets play... find the hiding toddler!

Apparently we really like it when people kiss the belly...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awww Chucks....

When one associates footwear with Ryan King... one would think a certain type of shoe... The Chuck of course!  In fact, these shoes, are probably why we are together.  The first time Ryan kinda sorta asked me out, we were at church.  He was up on stage doing his rock-star thing and I was in front of the stage dealing with the projection stuff (I was the media chic at the time, yeah, I know they are crazy, letting me play with equipment)  And my smooth husband says "Soo... When are we gonna kick it?"  While doing an awkward kick.. which of course I see perfectly because I am eye level with his chucks... Well who can resist such a line?  We shot some bums (I really thought that's what he was asking me to do, but really it was Bumbershoot), I made a cake (seducing him with my mad baking skills) and bada-bing we were married (of course he wore his shoe of choice).

Fast forward to a proud moment for Ryan King... yesterday, his first born... got her very first pair of Chucks!!  And yes.. they are adorable.  Natasha and I took Harper shopping in Bellevue (there was a lot of Natasha chasing HW around the store... but what can you do?)  Anyways, it was a success, Harper has cutie shoes, and she LOVES them!  She even made Ryan put them on over her footie pjs last night so she could wear them around the house... Daddy's little girl right there!

sooo cute

Ryan & his Groomsmen at our wedding

Natasha trying to hold down HW so I could take a pic... it didn't go well

Running away from us makes her hungry for berries and fro-yo
(Really we Tasha and decided we deserved it