Friday, June 22, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

Now I know, I know that it's true.  No, I'm not leaving Ryan King to run away to the tropics with a french pastry chef named Pierre.  Ryan King is a keeper, even if he isn't a Sweet Genius.  I am referring to the ending of our love affair with the pacifier.  I have been a part of some unpleasant breakups in my day (mainly due to the over-emotional and insecure teen/college years, which I'm sure I will deal with when Mr. King gets fed up with my craziness and sends me to a mental health professional)... what was I talking about?  Oh yes, how this is the most horrid break-up ever, because it makes my cute lil toddler so so sad.  We limited the bink to just her crib when she turned one, now with so many changes coming to her sleeping situation, we decided to cut the pacifier out first, so gets used to it and we don't have to do it when she has a roommate (Sawyer) to wake up.  After she gets used to all that, its time for a big girl bed.  Oi vey! Poor kid.

This first step has not gone too smoothly so far.  A couple of weeks ago, Ryan decided to just not give it to her, OF COURSE he decided to do it on a night when he was leaving.  So after about an hour of increasingly loud crying/screaming, I broke down and gave it to her, like many break-ups we were having issues letting go, and got back together for a bit.  But this is it! We mean it this time! Of course, now the only way she will go to sleep is being soothed, sung to, and rocked by daddy, which means no naps, because that is way to tricky for me to do by myself when a baby is being overly dramatic about her hunger. 

Wish us luck!

Harper Willow with her bink when she was so so little

Random picture of Sawyer Belle... because I can

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh those Baker Babies!

Alright... sorry it took me so long but it's time for a Baker baby update!!  If you don't remember them, check out my previous post here!  I pre-apologize for the length of this one...

It happened a week and a half ago around 4 am on Thursday morning, the long awaited text that was 10 years in the making... Misty Baker was about to have a csection and the first 2 of 4 babies were coming into the world!!  So I tried to wake up Ryan, it took me awhile, I was so frustrated he wouldn't wake up when he finally did, I just yelled csection.  He thought I needed a csection, he was confused, anywho... Connor and Hope were both healthy and 5 lb 3 oz and 5 lb 9 oz.

After waiting an excruciating whole day, I got a quick glimpse at them while delivering Misty's post-prego food craving, a Top Pot Bavarian Cream Doughnut (mine was Salami, I don't know why, but Natasha came through as usual!) Any who, Natasha and I got a real visit that night and got to hold and feed the babies, while we were there we learned that the final 2 had also been born!!  Madison and Victoria were born in Indiana, unfortunately, Amber (Brian and Misty's amazing friend and surrogate) had a tough time, but she is now healing and on the mend!  (random side note, I met Brian and Misty 14 years ago in the hospital going to see Eric and Cherie while they were having MacKenzie, and who did I see in the hospital on my way to see the Bakers?  The Robbins of course... its the circle of life... not really but the circle of maternity wards sounds weird)

Woo okay, where are we?  Oh yes, alright so all 4 babies are in the world, but I know what you are thinking... How are they gonna get those two Indiana babies to Seattle?  (EVERYONE was wondering this one) Well you see Brian (aka BFF, aka BBmac) flew out to Indiana on Sunday (same day Misty got discharged)  Misty's mom and dad are staying with them to help out this summer.  And he flew back with the babies (and mom and SIL) on Thursday.

Anywho, I got the privilege of going over on Tuesday and Wednesday to hang up the decor in the nursery so it would be good to go for when Madison and Victoria got in on Thursday.  I had to call in reinforcements in the form of Natasha because... well it was a big job. While I was there I couldn't help but notice the joy and contentment that was emanating from Misty, the first time she said "my daughter" I just about lost it and cried like... well a baby.

Anywho Brian and the babies arrived on Thursday and the whole Baker family is finally together and now they can get settled with their amazing and large new family.  We could not be more happy for you guys and no one deserves it more, we love all 6 of you!

Here's a link to a story done in Indiana

Hope and Connor

The happy family!

Misty and her Top Pot!



Monday, June 4, 2012

Q. What is cold and wet and sad all over??

A. Quinn, Beckett, and Harper at their toddler swim lesson!  To be fair, Harper did warm up to it after she got going.  Cortney got us all signed up to take swim lessons together, we (Lonnie, Cortney and Whitney) were really excited, the kiddos, not so much as you will see in the photographic evidence below.  I think the worst part of the lesson was the fact that it is indeed an outdoor pool, and it was maybe 55 degree outside and raining (the pool was heated, we are not quite that cruel). Getting the little ones into the pool was quite a battle.  We eventually won, but they were not happy about it.  Quinn and Beckett decided the whole thing was just horrid, Harper decided it was not so bad after awhile.

Trying to get them into the pool (notice Harper not letting go)

Worst thing that has ever happened to him... ever.

I feel a little bad for Ellen (the teacher)

Why, why are you doing this to me?

Maybe this isn't so bad

Harper: I think I like this!  Beckett:  Dude you are crazy!