Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a….

With the sad things happening lately, I'm pretty excited for a happy post! And even more excited to announce that It's a GIRL! WHAT?! Yeah, you read that right, we are having a baby! And by having, I mean getting, and by baby, I mean puppy. (Had you going for a second didn't I?  We aren't THAT crazy)

For about a month after the Big Bad happened with Griz, I didn't want anything to do with other dogs, (other than Oscar of course) I didn't want to see them, hear about them, be near them.  I wasn't even sure I wanted another dog ever again because I didn't want to go through losing them again.  That didn't last long, it just switched one day and I wanted to be near ALL dogs, and I wanted to take every single one home.

We decided perhaps in the spring we would get a puppy, and decided we wanted a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix.  So I started looking for a breeder (because I'm crazy and was not blessed with patience) but couldn't find one, we got some $$ for Christmas and decided to save it for when we found the right dog.  Then my grandpa passed… and to think of something else I became OBSESSED.  Then on Sunday I found listing in Oregon for half English Golden Retriever and half Lab (English goldens are whiter and have a blockier head), I showed the pics to Ryan King and he was like DONE! He really wanted a girl (I was a little iffy about it, because I've always had boys, but whatevs PUPPY!!!)

Anywho, to make a long story just a smidge shorter, the last weekend of January we will be roadtrippin to Oregon to pick up our little Bailey! We are super excited (you can't tell can you, I mean its not like I've already ordered dog tags, obviously Oscar needed a matching one, or anything…)

We are ready for the difficulties and trials of having a puppy (house training in the rain in February? BRING IT ON!) But we are also ready for the love and excitement and cuddles.  We still miss our Griz so much, but we also know we are a 2 dog kind of family. Perhaps someday we will rescue a dog again, but right now, we just need to start fresh with a puppy, and we are! EEK! PUPPY!

Little Bailey, go ahead, adore her… you know you want to.

This is a random picture of Oscar when he was a puppy, why you ask?
Why not? I mean look at him, you can't get much cuter.

Sawyer loves ALL dogs, and has zero dog fear, even of my brother's giagantasouras dog (what? its a word) Also, I super love Kona and we are best friends, especially since Kennedy and I took him on a Christmas jog… he only pulled me the first few blocks, so yay!
Also Sawyer will not be able to fit in Oscars kennel much longer, so it will be good we are getting a bigger one for Bailey, just kidding... she did this to herself, she actually usually only crawls in when Oscar is in there and she misses him, I have no idea why she is in and he is out here, they are weird.
But they also love each other lots and snuggle all the time, the girls are also super excited for Bailey and keep asking to see her picture.  Well Sawyer just says "PUPPY!!" but, I'm just assuming that's happy excitement.

I don't have any good recent pics of Harper with dogs… so please enjoy this randomness of HW in her ballet outfit
(her first ballet/tap class is Monday and we were testing out the cuteness… cutest little ballerina ever?  Probably)

Friday, December 27, 2013

This One's for You, Grandpa Ron...

It feels like I just wrote one of these doesn't it?  Last Monday my Grandpa Ron fell and broke his hip.  He went through surgery alright, got transferred to a rehab place, and even though he was kind of foggy, seemed to be doing a bit better, so my Mom went ahead and came out here for Christmas.

Then yesterday my mom and I were trying to figure out our morning before I took her to the airport and she got saw a missed call and found out that Grandpa had to go the hospital because of possible pneumonia.  Saddly, within a few hours he passed.  It happened so fast, I still don't think it has set in yet.  I wish he had waited another day so that his children could have said good-bye, but I am so thankful that my sister was there with him, and her husband was there with her.  I'm even more thankful I got to see him just a few weeks ago and also got to say good-bye over the phone just a minutes before he was gone.  It was all such a whirlwind.

I don't think Grandpa Ron ever realized how special he was to so many people.  He was pretty quiet, sometimes kinda grumpy, but also unintentionally funny.  I remember the pies he'd bring when I was younger, he had diabetes and couldn't eat them, so he'd just make them and bring them to our house.  I also remember the white bowl always out that usually had nuts and if you were lucky MMs in it.  In fact, it was on his coffee table a few weeks ago when we were visiting him, I couldn't resist opening the lid, sadly it was empty.  My fondest memories of him were when I was in college and every time I went to Monroe I'd make sure to go see him in Reasoner and I'd just sit and listen to him tell stories.  He loved to talk about the past, old cars, stories of my Grandma (she passed a long time ago, and they were divorced long before that, but I think he always held a special love for her), people he knew who knew famous historical figures (like Wyatt Earp).  You just had to take the time to listen.

Most times when I'd go, his furniture would be rearranged, I'd tell him that he needed to stop and that if he just called me, I'd come help me, but if there is one work to describe my Grandpa, it would be stubborn!  But he just really loved moving furniture...  In both those ways I am like him, I've been told a time or two that I'm slightly a little stubborn, but also, I constantly move around our furniture, especially when I am sad.  Since I had just rearranged the girls' and our bedroom after Griz passed, yesterday afternoon I rearranged the play room, I didn't even realize it until I was done, and that was when it hit me a little, that he was gone.

Even though I'm sad, I know he was not happy, he was strong and proud, and miserable the last couple of years.  So, I'm glad he is no longer in pain, I'm glad he just went to sleep, I hope he knows that we all loved him. He didn't want a funeral, and because of Ryan's work, I can't fly home.  All of his children are going to say good-bye to him today, and most fittingly, go to Burger King.  He went there every day, and I have had countless lunches with him there.  I think tonight, we'll go get a Whopper for you Grandpa, I miss you already!

This has always been one of my favorite photos and we even have it up in our hall, I just love everything about it!

Weren't my Grandpa and Grandma dreamy?
I super love how excited everyone in this photo is.  Just kidding, I have no idea what's going on here...

Harper and Grandpa eating at Burger King! He always had a soft spot for the girls.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Harper's Christmas Program!

Last night, we went to the first of many Christmas Programs.  And it was super adorable.  The 5 year olds did a super cute pageant, the 4 year olds joined them to sing songs, then the 3 year olds joined them to ring some bells.  More importantly, all the children looked adorable, even Sawyer Belle got in on the dress action thanks to Granny Ronna.

please excuse the teacher's head

After the program, there were cookies which resulted in running sugar high children (also Beckett, who get very lovey when he is sugar high)

Quinn even came because he is such a wonderful friend!

annnd... CRASH!