Monday, February 27, 2012

Wait... This isn't a Printer Christening? Holy Surprise Baby Shower!

Yes, I said Printer Christening, like they do with ships... and yes, that's really what I thought I was walking into last Wednesday.  You see, Natasha, Cortney and I have been in the market for a few months for a new printer for Lota and Co, and I thought we were going to celebrate finally getting one (hence my lack of make-up and all over grungy appearance, because hey, it was just Natasha and Cortney, who should take that as how close I feel to them that I don't care what I look like around them at all)

Any who, I walked up the steps and the first thing I notice was the table, set very fancy with a whole heck of a lot more place setting than three... and yes, honestly, in my head, I was wondering why so many people would want to come celebrate a printer...

Then I notice the super cuteness and the "Sawyer Belle" banner and bassinet of gifts, and it finally sinks in... Holy cannoli, its a surprise baby shower!  I had absolutely no idea, and am so impressed (and little frightened) of how well my friends and husband could lie to me! (exception: my brother who almost ruined it earlier that day, but what can you do?)

Whitney, Natasha, and Cortney did such an amazing job with the cow and heart theme, the ridiculous food (including homemade heart shaped ravioli's, this oddly good roasted cauliflower, and some A-MAzing chocolate desserts).  I can not express how much I appreciate you 3 for thinking of Sawyer and me and being the best friends I could ask for.  And for every one else who got us such cutie gifts and came to celebrate Baby King #2 with me!  I love you all!!! (In fact, I'm tearing up a bit as I write this, because well it was awesome and I'm a bit hormonal, but I'm only tearing up in one eye... different blog for a different day)

Yeah, so cute (and look at that print quality!)

Cortney made these crazy cute cookie favors, which I'm told took soo soo long

The first thing I noticed coming up the steps

So, so good... you don't even know

I really really like getting my picture taken

The most amazing friends in all the land.