Friday, June 7, 2013

Fishy Fishy

I'm baaaaack.  No, really.  I didn't actually go anywhere, I've just been busy busy, and when you sit at a computer or chase your kids around all day, the last thing you want to do, is sit at your computer and blog about your kids.  But I'm getting a handle on things... so, let's do this blog thing!

Today was the first day of swim lessons (for Harper, Sawyer Belle will be starting Mommy and Me lessons on Monday with the Baker babies, plus me, I am the "Mommy" part, in case you were confused).  Harper LOVES to be in water, any part of her, in any water, its craziness, so she was sooo excited about swim lessons.  She was a bit hesitant at first, but after awhile, she was like "I've got this, no worries dudes, I'm a fish".  Well, maybe she didn't say that exactly, but close.  Sawyer really just wanted to get in the pool, so hopefully she will do great on Monday.

Saddly Beckett is in the class before us because of scheduling conflicts, but when we got there, he was doing GREAT!  Also, I have no picture of him! ugh!  Quinn... did good getting in, but then, I think maybe he was not super in love with it, but hopefully he will not be so sad next time!

Lets talk about AFTER the lessons... alright, so I drive back home, Harper is chatting away about how much fun she had, we pull in, I'm thinking about what I need to do work wise, as I'm getting the kids out of the car... except, I locked the girls, my keys, AND my phone in the car (side note: we traded our sexy station wagon in for a sexy mini-van, and have only had it a couple of weeks, so I'm not used to it yet!  Also, Suburbanites, yes, yes we are).

Amazingly, I didn't panic, I went through in my head all of the phone numbers I have memorized, first is Ryan King, but he was at work and probably wouldn't answer, Also, I have my dad's home and office number (he has had them since before the cell phone era, when you had to actually dial the number, and I still remember them), lastly is the Monroe Mustang Diner, Why you ask?  Well... you see, they now have what used to be Amanda's number growing up, and I still remember it, weird? Yes.  (Another side note: the fictional phone number on Full House had the same last 4 digits 2424, the things I remember, but do I remember to grab my keys? NO!) I figured the 3 numbers for places 1800 miles away were of no use (also, most importantly, my phone was locked in the van), so I tried to break the garage door off of the tracks... that didn't work.  So I ended up prying the screen off of our bedroom window, using a bush and the side of the house to climb up in my flipflops through the oddly high window.

Things I am lucky for (or God was watching out for me):
1) It wasn't hot today
2) We live on a private drive and all the neighbors were at work, because my bum was hanging out of that window for quite awhile while I figured out how to not fall head first to the floor.
3) My kids had NO idea they were locked in the van, none, didn't realize there was anything to panic about.
4) We had an extra key and I knew where it was
5) The dogs realized it was me and didn't try to eat my face (Oscar did try to jump up and lick my face while I was hanging upside down with my head through the window.
6) My mad ninja skills kicked in, I don't think I could have gotten up to that window if I wasn't so crazed (although I am super sore right now)

Beginning of lessons (the kid with the goggles is not Beckett... just some other kid, so don't get excited)

She's feelin better, and kick kick kicking!

He is not feelin better
Harper blowing bubbles with Mr. Robert

I didn't want that sad picture of Quinn to be the last one you saw, I took this earlier this week, and yes, Sawyer is in a bikini.
The now damaged window & bush (it really is higher than it looks, no, really)
Also... randomly, Harper keeps climbing into Sawyer's crib with her when we put them down for naps/bedtime.  I'm stuck between being annoyed they aren't sleeping, and thinking the cutest stinking thing ever.