Thursday, January 19, 2012

Loves for Grandpa Jay

Its been a tough few weeks for my family.  First my Step Grandma Elsie passed away, joining her beloved husband.  While those she left are saddened by their loss, we know she is no longer in pain, physical and emotional caused by her illness, and we are all better for having known her. 

Now, my amazing Grandpa Jay (my dad's dad) is in hospice after suffering a stroke, and my family are by his bedside, saying their good-byes.  One of the hardest parts, is not being there to comfort them and be with them, as I am stuck here in Seattle (literally, I'm in my third trimester and snowed in, so I can't go home).  The best way I can think of comforting them, is to post some memories of my grandpa, as he would like to be remembered.

Most of my memories of my grandfather revolve around golf... he LOVED golf.  I remember he used to take my sister and I golfing with him, really we would take turns driving him around in the golf cart, usually trying to knock the other sister who was standing on the back off of the cart (now that I write this, this does not seem like a safe thing do be doing).  Either way we loved it, and got some early driving skills.

When I was in college, my grandpa got me a job at The Harvester, this golf course near his house that he also worked at.  He did some kind of patrol... I don't even know, and I was a waitress/bartender/caterer/beer cart girl.  If anyone would be jokingly sassy to me... someone would usually pipe in with "Hey... you be nice, that's Jay's granddaughter!"  I always loved the few minutes I'd get chatting with him out on the course, as he was driving his golf cart and I was doing laps in the beer cart.  I even thought it was cute when he'd mistake our time cards because we shared a slot beings we had the same last name.

I love my grandpa, and I will miss him.  I wish I could be home right now with the rest of my family, but I'm also glad I got to see him this last fall, and that he got to hold his great-granddaughter.  I only wish he could meet Sawyer, and the baby my cousin Tillie is currently growing in her belly as well, but wishing isn't going to make him better, all we can do is remember all the great times we had and cherish those memories.  I also know that he is tired of being sick and of hurting, and not being the man he once was, so don't worry about us grandpa, we'll hold down the fort and see ya on the flip side. Love you lots!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Happens...

And when it does... it is shocking and quite inconvenient... but very pretty.  It started snowing on Saturday and we ventured out to church on Sunday, getting there was tricky enough, Harper and I barely made it home it took us about 20 minutes to get the 1 mile, Ryan was not so lucky... His car is down at the bottom of the hill by the main road, he had to walk uphill with his guitar in his chucks yesterday... poor guy.  So we are stuck, the car we do have, can't even get out of the drive.  Luckily we knew it was coming and stocked up on food and firewood, so we are good for awhile.

Harper saw the dogs having so much fun outside yesterday she really wanted to venture out... about 30 minutes later after much bundling we headed out the door... she wasn't as much of a fan as she thought she would be.  She did not like that the snow stuck to her mittens, she HATED when she fell and was sitting in the snow, despite her fancy snowsuit from Grandma Sheila (I was wearing hiking boots and the only winter coat I have that my dad and stepmom got me during parents weekend in 2007, and no, it doesn't button over my belly, we don't have a lot of winter gear here).  Griz on the other hand LOVES the snow... and wants to move to the North Pole.  Anywho, here are some pictures and video for your viewing pleasure.

Watching the first flakes of snow fall...

He is growling at the snow... the weirdo
All bundled up and ready to go!
Not so sure about this stuff

Our tree out front

My snow beast

Not so much a fan of the cold... he's just going to hide until it goes away.

Annnd... she's done with this stuff

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let there be bangs...

Well folks, after months of putting it off, Ryan and I finally decided, after much agonizing, that it was time to cut Harper's hair, for the first time ever!  Pretty much it just came down to the fact that I am in my third trimester now, and no longer found amusing our daily game of mommy chasing Harper around the house with a comb and a hair tie, yelling "Dude get back here!  You can't even see!"  While Harper ran and giggled, because she did find it amusing... extremely so.  (We also do this whenever she is getting her clothes changed because she thinking running around naked is extremely funny... the little streaker)

Anywho, over came the whole Kreitlow family (bonus! who doesn't love getting a little extra time with that amazing and adorable family?!) Quinn was very supportive as HW got her first haircut, I'm sure she was grateful for his support (and his sweet potatoes he shared with her).

Well here it is... Harper's first ever hair cut!!  Thanks Whitney for doing such an amazing job and dealing with our crazy parent nervousness about our kids crazy hair!

The before...

The after...
yes, she looks like an actual kid... a little emo-ed out even.