Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Tale of the First Carrot Cake

We have a big week and a half coming up, Harper's second birthday, Ryan's thirty-second birthday, Harper's girly elmo party, then we leave for 10 days in Iowa/Illinois... crazy! This post however, is all about Carrot Cake... Random you say?  No, not really.

Let me take you on a journey that is centered around a vegetable flavored cake.  6 years ago, I was fairly new to the Seattle area, and also I had a bit of a crush on the cute guy named Ryan King, and he asked me to go to Bumbershoot (a music festival thing, even though I thought he said bum shoot, and why would I want to go shoot bums?) with him and some friends. This was a very important outing, because it was our first without the presence of Eric Robbins, not that there is anything wrong with him, but you try getting your flirt on in the presence of your brother/pastor.

After a jolly good day, I learned that the next day was Ryan's birthday and I told him I would bake him whatever he wanted, and he asked for a carrot cake.  Well of course I had never made a carrot cake, and it didn't help that someone (not to mention any names, but she gave birth to me) kept telling me that it didn't look right. 

Luckily for me it turned out ok, because Ryan King claims he married me for my carrot cake, so who knows what would have happened if I burnt that sucker?!?  Any who, I have made a carrot cake for the last 6 years (except 2 years ago, but I had just given birth so give me some slack!).  And for an interesting side note, Harper was born 4 years to the day (September 3) that we went to Bumbershoot together, CRAZY!

What is the point of this story?  Didn't really have one, just reminiscing and explaining why Ryan King will have a carrot birthday cake for the rest of forever. Happy birthday a little early Mr. King! Thanks for asking me to go shoot bums, otherwise there would be no carrot cake, and then you would not have married me.

The only picture I could find from when we first started dating... there is a lot of hair happening here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Months!?!

I can't believe even a little bit that my little baby is 5 months old!  In a crazy clash of contradiction, I feel that she is growing up so so fast, but also that I feel like she has been with us for so much longer than 5 months.  It seems like little Sawyer Belle has always been a part of our family, everyone loves her, even down the dogs, which is crazy, because she pulls their fur and tries to eat their tails... mmmm delicious!

5 Things to know about Sawyer Belle at 5 months old...

1. She is so loud!  She loves to talk and scream, grunt and giggle, oh and spit like ththtpthpthth!
2.  She LOVES her big sister and her puppies, her face lights up when she sees them and she will just stare and smile, they are pretty awesome.
3.  She has no problem telling you something is wrong, however when something isn't wrong, she is so full of joy and very silly, its hard to not smile at her.
4.  She is the snuggle baby queen!  She loves loves to snuggle and is sooo good at it, I've wasted many hours just getting my baby snuggle fix.
5.  She is huge and strong for her 5 months age.  Pretty much she just skipped the tiny baby phase.


So happy!

Can I maybe put this camera in my mouth?

I'm just cute, I can't help it...

Also can I put this puppy ear in my mouth?

They love each other a lot right now... I'm hoping it lasts

Even Griz has to get in his baby snuggles!