Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's a...

Baby! Everything and everyone is happy and healthy... like I'm going to just come out and tell you... watch the video.

Monday, November 14, 2011

W-IOWA... the Corniest station... in the nation...

So that is a song off of my favorite Backyardigans episode... all about Iowa and corn!  I thought it would be appropriate since this blog is all about Iowa, not so much the corn though!  Here we are, its our last day and we have had so much fun!

Harper and flew to Iowa with Grandma Barb and Grandpa John last Tuesday, we've been busy spending time with family and friends and eating many Iowa delicacies, yeah, Iowa has delicacies... like tenderloins and cheeseballs...  (Harper didn't so much eat those because she isn't allowed fried foods, but fetus and I thought they were delicious)

We've spent time with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Heather, Uncle Greg and Braedon and Tristan, Grandma Ronna, the great grandparents, and even got to have dinner with our favie lawyer (and Ryan's just favorite as he tells me whenever I mention her) Amanda!  We were sorry that Ryan did not come so he and Gabe could have a play date, next time though!

We will miss everyone here but we are excited to be going home tonight, we miss our boys (that being Daddy, Griz and Oscar of course) and we are super DUPER excited to find out if Harper will have a little brother or a little sister tomorrow...  EEEK!!

Enough of this Gibber Gabber... Bring on the pictures!!

She knows how to fly... not really though,
sitting still that long is pretty much torture
Hw has discovered a love a little furniture,
Guess we know what Santa will bring this year.

What we woke up to the day after we got here...
I think that white stuff is called snow
This is just stinkin adorable...
Oh Cousin Tristan, so cute

Good Bye snow... hello giant pile of leaves!
Mom... why am I sitting in dirty leaves with this
crazy boy and pup?

Harper wasn't a fan... but Braedon thought
the leaves were quite fantastic
She much preferred watching & giggling at the
crazy boys and dog jumping in the leaves.

The great grandkids with
Grandma Norma and Grandpa Jay

Hw with Great Grandpa Ron...
they find each other very funny.