Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lalalala... Par-tay!

I always swore I would never throw a character party... nope, not me, not gonna happen... but of course, my kid loves Elmo, I mean really what is it with that guy that all toddlers love so much?  Any who, I figured fine, if I have to do it, I'm going to make it as girly as I can.  I think it turned out alright, Harper had a great time at her party, Elmo was everywhere, all of her favoritest friends were there, and we ate all of her favoritest foods. (yes, I am aware that favoritest isn't a word, but I'm going to use it, so you will just have to deal Cortney Pennebaker!)  Moving on...

I really don't know what else to say, it was really great that all of our amazing amazing friends were able to come and help us celebrate Harper Willow turning 2!  I think I am now out of birthday party mode and in the holy moly we are leaving freakishly early on Tuesday for 10 days in the midwest and I haven't even begun to pack mode... So I'm just going to put up some pictures, k?

She's pretty excited

I collected all of her elmo toys and used them as decorations... I knew those toys would come in handy some day

She loves pizza so much... she just rubs it all over her face

She loves her Quinn

No, really, she likes him a lot.

Those 4 Baker babies really know how to party

We decided just to base the menu on Harper's favorite foods... well, Goat Cheese Margherita Pizza is not her favorite, but I think they went over well

She really likes opening presents

Also she really like Uncle Eric

Yup, that is Elmo's face made out of fruit on a cake... that happened

She did not want to take off the boots that Uncle Eric picked out for her

I'm not sure what that smirk is about... probably because she is punching Natasha in the face

She will just go through Beckett, no worries

Harper wasn't opening the presents fast enough, Lincoln to the rescue!
These are the cute invites we sent out, See Lota and Co for all your invite needs! (Nothing wrong with a shameless plug)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Terrific Two's!!

I've decided to forgo calling the two's terrible, and I'm going to call them terrific, I figure if you call something terrible, then it will be, so obviously, if I call them terrific, then this year will go smoothly with no tantrums or crankiness from my toddler. (Hey! Stop laughing!  It could happen!)

Well any who, we started Harper being 2 off with a bang, she had a fabulous birthday! We began our day with her favorite french toast for breakfast (after opening a few gifts), put on the birthday tutu and went to meet the positively perfect Pennebakers at the Pacific Science Center! Harper had a grand time with Beckett and we all stopped at Dick's and got some burgers for an impromptu picnic in the park.  Then we went home, opened some more presents (we tried to stagger them throughout the day so she could enjoy each toy before she got another) After a failed attempt at a nap, we opened MORE presents, then went to the Robbins to have dinner and celebrate Harper (and Daddy's birthday) where Harper got her biggie gift from Grandma Sheila, her first trike!

Woo!  It was pretty exciting, and really exhausting, so much so that Mommy forgot to bring the camera to the Robbin's, so saddly there are no pictures of Harper with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.  Parental FAIL!!

Enjoy what I did get though! And stay tuned to find out all about Harper's birthday party this weekend!

Harper really wasn't into wearing the Birthday tiara

Beckett however though it went just perfect with his outfit

I don't know what they are looking at... but obviously it is really interesting
I don't know what they are looking at either... but still interesting

Just chilling... its coo

Obviously she was big enough to do this on her own...

As with all great bands, they decided to call it quits before the public got bored with them... but I'm sure a greatest hits album is in the near future.

If Harper and Beckett lived when the dinosaurs did... this is how they would look standing in a dino footprint.

Also this is how they'd look riding a giant caterpillar.

The PSC is sooo exhausting!

Cortney is fancy... with her fancy chauffeur
Silly butterfly, that's not a flower

Look at my kid on a bike... crazy!