Friday, February 7, 2014

Quilt: Part One

So, about 2 years ago, when I had a very little Sawyer Belle in my very rotund belly (I was pregnant, just incase anyone needed that spelled out... I didn't eat her, that would be cannibalism, and that is wrong.) Anywho, I was pulling out all of Harper's teeny tiny baby clothes (and crying like a crazy prego lady) and as I was putting them away I was thinking "WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM AFTER SB OUTGROWS THEM!" I mean, yes, there are some outfits that were just too cute and needed to be handed down (which reminds me... Cherie Robbins, I have an ever growing box of clothes for Miss Maisen). But those sleepers... the special onsies, what about those?

So then lightbulb! QUILT! but not just any quilt, I wanted one that they could keep and use, and would get worn in and even better, just like the quilt I made with Barb that I just love so much! So, I started throwing the outgrown pjs and the gowns and whatnot into its own pile, and I did a little research and decided on a puff rag quilt, eventually I started cutting hundred of 7in squares, it was actually emotionally difficult at first, cutting into these tiny clothes that I had so many memories of, but it got easier and less sentimental as I went. I even sewed 2 rows... and then left it for MONTHS. I have great ideas, and horrid horrid follow through.  Then this fall happened and I needed a project to keep my mind busy, and I gave myself a goal of 3/4 rows a week, and I did it and was able to finish it before we went to Iowa in December.

Now, I'm not usually a pat-yourself-on-the-back-er. But I think it turned out pretty cute and exactly what I had pictured, which is pretty good since I was just winging it!  I love that there are some that have the special embroidered characters, and even some with words like "Big Sister" and "I love daddy". It should fray more and be more rag-like the more they use it and wash it. I really hope the girls cherish it when they get older.  Now that I have one done... I have to do one more just like it for Sawyer.. so there's that, probably sooner than I thought since she thinks she is ready for a big girl bed.

good news... Tet Tet is the perfect quilt accessory!
The front, the cuteness!

The back is made mostly of the girls flannel receiving blankets and then some other bits of flannel

Harper also makes the quilt cuter.

It became a thing, lying in bed yelling cheese, and Sawyer really wanted in on the fun. and yes, I did take the front off of her crib, and yes, it is because she started climbing out of it, which is expected from Miss Sawyer Belle

Oscar, on the quilt that gave me the idea in the first place, my step mom and I made it when I was a girl and learning how to sew out of old pants... yes, I do still use it every day, its my comfort quilt.

Just because... I mean, look at her, SO CUTE!