Friday, April 27, 2012

One Month!

Yes, yesterday, Sawyer Belle hit the one month mark... we survived the first month!  It went pretty quick, mainly because my time is spent nursing, changing diapers, and if I get a chance, some laundry and dishes.  Having 2 little ones is pretty exhausting, but then there are the times I have a little girl in each arm, and I think, maybe I can make it through.  Luckily Harper is pretty in love with her sister, like right now, Sawyer is crying in her bouncy chair and Harper is rubbing her head and kissing her... I should go get her, but the sister love is oddly adorable.  Alright, I broke down and got her, she is now asleep on my lap, this one doesn't like to be put down a whole lot (hence why all 3 of us are still wearing pj's).  I don't have tons to report, since we don't get out too much, it probably isn't safe with my lack of brain function (it took me a few minutes this morning to realize the the reason Harper's diaper wasn't going on was because it was Sawyer's) Ummm.... I don't really know where I was going with this blog post... I guess to let everyone know we are alive and all is well!  Happy first month Sawyer Belle!  I'm going to go change a diaper now!

SB yesterday at one month