Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Cold of Doooooom!

And yes, when I typed that title, in my head I was saying it with a scary eery voice.  And no, I do not think I am being overly melodramatic.  This cold has been THE WORST!

Last Saturday Harper came down with a cold, she had the cough, runny nose, feeling yucky, and a fever which spiked to 104 on Sunday night.  So Monday morning, I called the Doctor's office every 10 seconds at exactly 8am until someone answered, and Sawyer and I accompanied Harper to the Doctor.  She was actually oddly excited about going to the doctor because she's been watching Doc McStuffins lately, and then she was quite disappointed when a middle aged man came in wearing a mask and not a little girl in piggytails.

Luckily her fever came down and she just has a persistent cold that haunts her and will never leave.  Of course also on Monday, Sawyer and I started getting it, and it just stayed and got worse, I even took a couple of days off from working, kinda, and I even took naps, WHAT!?! I know! Crazy.  And I made my super duper homemade chicken soup with 89 different vegetables and we still didn't get better.  Then this weekend Ryan started getting sick UGH!  On Monday, Harper, Sawyer and I went to the Doctor again (side note, the nurse thought the girls had the cutest first/middle name combos), and Harper still just has a cold, but Sawyer and I were like "We see your cold, and we raise you bronchitis!" and Harper was like "Ummm... no, you guys are crazy, I fold."

So Sawyer and I are on meds, and as I write this Harper is climbing on her chair, to her table and then flipping over the back of the couch, which probably I should not let her do, but even though she is still cold-ish, she seems to be acting fine obviously.   Annnd now my baby is crying OH, because also she was like, "Also I think I will finally cut some teeth and make this bronchitis extra delightful".   I hope the Cold of Doooooom does not strike your house, because it won't ever leave and you will go through 15 boxes of tissues!!!!

I don't really have a lot of pictures of my sick kids, cause crazy enough they are not all about it... but I do have these...

Sawyer Belle is pretty much the tiredest, which is understandable

Harper at her first Dr. visit, she was singing "Time for my check up!"

Harper wanted to read to Sawyer, I just thought it was cute

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1 Year Later

One year ago, it was early morning, we were getting ready for work, I think my sister had asked me if I talked to Dad yet, of course I knew what that meant, but I talked to him on the phone anyway, and he let me know that my grandpa had passed away.   Even though I was expecting it, it was still hard, I still had to cry myself into hysterics a bit.  The fact that I was 7 1/2 months pregnant didn't help with the hormonal reaction.  But in the end, I knew he was no longer in pain, so probably it was for the best (even though I told myself that, it still sucked, lets me honest).

The last time I saw him was sad, I knew then that it was to say good-bye, but the time before that was even harder I think.  Harper and I had gone home to visit, and we went to my grandparents house to see a bunch of the family who had gone there to help with some landscaping.  I was sitting on the floor of the living-room and Grandpa was in his usual seat, and then he kind of went into his own version of life is short speech, and also told me that he thought I'd married a pretty good guy (I happen to think so as well).  I didn't really like hearing him talk that at the time, but I'm glad I did.

Unfortunately I could't make it home for his funeral.  Luckily, I have some awesome family members, my Aunt Julie sent me a box of things from his funeral, including a DVD of the service, my Aunt Jan sent Sawyer a blanket she had made while sitting with him in hospice.  Even though I'm so sad I didn't get to say good-bye or make it to the funeral, part of me is glad that I didn't have the chance to see him at the end, I can remember him, although frail... still Grandpa-like.

Well, its been a year, and I'm assuming that blogs are available in heaven (obviously).   So this is to you Grandpa Jay... We're doin okay.  The Friederich clan is doing good, growing, evolving, in mostly positive ways.   I'm remembering the words you spoke to me that afternoon, and I'm keeping most of them to myself, just for us.  Keep out of the rough Grandpa.

Just incase you want to revisit... here is the link to the post I wrote before he died:

We keep this up on our fridge.

Monday, February 4, 2013

10 Months!

Alright, so technically Sawyer Belle turned 10 months a week and a half ago, but I've been busy with work and sicky children.  But any who, can you believe that my baby is 10 flippin months old!? I can't, in less than 2 months, she will be 1, and in my head, that means she is kinda out of her babydom.... agh! I don't like it!  Here is a fun fact, when Harper was 10 months, we were finding out we were already pregnant with Sawyer... crazy, we were insane.  Anywho, here are a few random things to know about Sawyer to the B at 10 months...

We have renamed her Monster Baby, because if she can reach it, she will pull it, knock it down, eat it, hit it, or kick it.

At the same time though, she is also very joyful, she is such a flirt and it is hard not to smile and be in a good mood when she is being in her happy baby zone.

She thinks being upside down is the greatest, I don't know why, but she really likes it, and it can be a bit startling when you are holding her and she lunges back so she can be upside down.

She is pulling herself up and walking holding on to things, but also just standing up on her own in the middle of the room, she has tried to take a few steps, then realizes that won't work after she face plants.

Finally FINALLY she is sleeping through the night!!!!  Can I get an "AMEN!"?

STILL she has no teeth... I would think with acting like she is teething so much, she would have some teeth to show for it, but nope.

She likes to shut doors, which she just did, then had a freak out moment because she realizes she couldn't get out of her room, we do this about 10 times a day.

She is giant, well not the most giant, but 90% in height and 70% in weight and I just had to break out some 18 month clothes... yikes.

ummm... probably there is more, but I hear crashing coming from Sawyer's room, probably that is not good.

"How YOU doin?"

You know what is better than a Sawyer Belle?  I giant Sawyer Belle face on the tv...

She's pretty cute... you can say it, I won't mind

Also she has invented a new hairstyle, its between an Alfalfa-do and fohawk, I shall name it the Alfahawk!