Friday, March 29, 2013

Time to say goodbye...

Trying and failing to get pregnant for so long was a really rough time.  At some point, I decided to do everything I could to make my body healthy, and that's when I met you.  There you were, simple, clean, but to me, so perfect.  There were models that were more attractive, more expensive, but at the time, you just felt right.  So, I took you home, laced you up, grabbed the dog leash (Of course Griz was attached to the other end, it would have been silly to jog down the street just carrying a loose dog leash) and we headed out the door toward the marina and the waterfront.   Your rhythmic pounding on the pavement, the comforting jingle of Griz's leash, and the soothing sound of Lake Washington lapping against the piers of the Marina. I. Fell. In. Love.  

I found something I could do where I didn't have to worry about anything but myself, my dog, and just putting one foot in front of the other, and some of that is because of you.  Together, we got my body on the right track, and I got pregnant with Harper, and what thanks did you get?  None. You got shelved, but once she was out and I was ready to focus on me again, we hit the trails.  This time in the woods, and wouldn't you know it, my body started healing, so much that I got pregnant again with Sawyer (are you sensing a pattern?). 

You were not shelved so long this time, and we headed out the door, in extremely poor shape.  I was so happy when we conquered a mile, over joyed when we passed two, then three, quickly rounding past four, and beyond proud when we made it to five.  I know there marathon runners, and triathloners...  but that's not us.  We are simple in our love.  Emptying our minds, not having to worry about kids, work, family, just soaking in the solitude and nature's beauty.  Climbing that hill, hopping over that tree running as fast as we could down that muddy slope without falling and breaking something crucial.  That's really what we are about.

Miles and miles we ran, the three of us together, and I started to notice a change.  As I was getting stronger, you were getting weaker, less supportive.  No longer perfectly molded to the shape of my foot, you were falling a part, and in fact, causing me pain.  I am sorry you had to hear my loving husband, say that not even a homeless person would want you, but I saw his point.  I knew sooner or later, we would have to say good bye.  You will always have a special place in my heart.  This journey started with you, but it will not end there.  Your legacy will live on in your replacement, and your replacement's replacement.  You will never be forgotten my friends, well maybe someday you will be, because, you are just a pair of shoes, but you have been an amazing pair of shoes.  So to you, I say thank you, you have done more for me, then you will ever know.  With much love, I bid you adieu. 

The first job after Sawyer!

Our new favorite spot
And another

After trying on numerous shoes, your replacement, the fancy minimal trail shoes.

Goodbye dear friends.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Sawyer Belle!

I am actually sniffling as I type this, because I just put my baby down for the last time as a pre-one year old.  I'm not going to reminisce about what I was doing 1 year ago... you can find the old blog post if you really want to.  What I am going to reminisce about is the super duper girly birthday party Sawyer had yesterday!  I know, you are thinking, WHAT?! Girly? Pink? Ruffles?  WHO are you Lonnie King?  I don't know, I think I am embracing the fact that I have two little girls.  Anywho, It was bird themed, and it was pretty cute, and we truly appreciate everyone who cam to celebrate, and everyone who was there in spirit!  Also my apologies for the lack of specifics and details in this blog... but I am just to saddened by how my baby is growing so stinking fast, that I cannot possibly put together a coherent thought.    Here are some random photos...  (please note that there were other people there... but I was not on the ball photo-wise, sorry people!)

Alright, so this was not taken yesterday, but saddly little Sawyer Belle (aka Sissy Belle) is not feeling well, and I didn't really get any happy shots, so here is one Whitney and I took a few weeks ago.
Here is a random picture of Kennedy to prove other people were there.

This is Harper Willow, she has a good face.

Harper HAD to have this dress, I tried to talk her into something a little less... just a little less, but no, it HAD to be THIS one!

Sawyer kind of enjoying her no-sugar apple-carrot cake with apple cream-cheese frosting, BACK OFF! I wasn't ready to give her sugar yet, okay? (on a side note, I also made cupcakes with actual sugar and with little chow-mien nests on top, but I am a monster and got no photo of those)

Its her birthday, and she'll stand in that box if she wants to!

No.. really... I think we could have gotten a bit more pink and lace in there somewhere

Opening presents always takes two small children.

Bunting!  You know its cute... its okay to admit it.

But obviously this is way cuter.

Also this, Mamu (aka Ryan's Step mom Debbie) did some A-mazing painting.
Because no party is complete with out a Lonnie rhyme.

Speaking of Mamu and Peepa (I think maybe that is how you spell it?) How special is it that they were able to be here for Sawyer's party and also got her (and Harper) this super fancy double seater wagon.
Here they are, on their first wagon outing!

Lets just finish this off with a little extra Sawyer Belle cuteness.


Monday, March 4, 2013

You are my SUNSHINE!!!

You know those disaster movies where people have been holed up indoors somewhere for awhile, and they first step outside into the sun after so long in the dark and they are all shielding their eyes to better look at this new world?  Well that is pretty much how we feel here when the sun finally shows its face after a long rainy winter.  When I first moved here and it would hit 50 degrees and people would be wearing short sleeves and laying out on the grass in the sun, I would think people were INSANE!  Except now, I am one of them.  On Saturday, it was such a nice morning, that I did a little jig when Griz and I stepped outside in the sun to go on our jog.  By the time we had gone the first 1.5 miles, we counted 12 other dogs, (well I counted, because Griz can't count, if he could, I should probably be making money off of that) because everyone else was like SUNNNN!!! Lets GO!  Also by the time we hit 3 miles, I had tied my sweatshirt around my waste, and was wishing I'd worn shorter pants, so my legs, which are so white they are more blue, could get a little vitamin D.  Then I got home and raked up leaves that I've been working on for weeks, because we just didn't last Fal Of course by Saturday evening it was super gross pouring.

Then on Sunday I woke up to the sun AGAIN (also I slept in until 7:30 because my AMAZING husband got up with the girls WHAT!?) and then I was like LET'S CLEAN ALL OF THE THINGS!.  I don't know what it is about the sun that makes me want to clean things, but it does, of course by 1, we figured that was enough, and really I pretty much just made the house dirtier, but I don't even care.

 Then this morning SUN again, and Whitney, Natasha and I FINALLY got to take the kids to the park! AGH!!! SUNNNN!!! I missed your face soo much, NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!

This is what they are doing, right now, as I type this, my little sun puppies.

Harper has been helping me with the leaves, and by helping, I mean, not really at all

Are they not the cutest of friends!?!

Harper was practicing last week, just in case it did get sunny, she needed to plan her accessories.

Sawyer does not like to be left out.