Monday, July 23, 2012

One Little Monkey...

Sleeping in her big girl bed!  So when Grandpa and Grandma King were her, they ordered Harper a big girl bed (after much deliberating about which kind), and it finally came on Friday.  So Harper and I put it together (really she just stole my tools and ran away), and then daddy went and picked up the mattress we bought, and Harper got to sleep in her bed on Saturday.  She did so so good, she likes to play a little but she doesn't get off the bed, she did figure out she can open the dresser from her bed and for I will find her in a pile of Sawyer's clothes, but oh well, she eventually falls asleep.   She even asks to go to bed and gets so excited about it.  I'm a jealous because her bed looks so comfy cozy, but I don't think Ryan King would be up for getting two twin beds. 

It is crazy how easy a transition this has been since she has never slept in anything other than a crib or pack and play.  We are giving her a little time before we move Sawyer into the crib at night, but then my girls will be the cutest little roomies!

Harper's new bed!

Sawyer's new bed!

I don't know why... I just think those little piggy banks are so cute
Also I still like that mobile thing Kenzie and I made... so I just took a picture

Reading in bed, notice the book?  I'm hoping its a sign!

Unfortunately, Harper is not the only one who likes her new bed

I don't know, I left Sawyer in the pack and play for a minute and when I came back, Harper had crawled in with her. I guess since her bed was occupied... so she had to go somewhere.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The King and I

I have never seen The King and I, but I'm pretty sure there is a lot of singing and dancing, happy times, and probably a King, which pretty much sums up my marriage.  Except I don't sing, and I don't dance but there has been happy times, and a King (a Ryan King that is) and Ryan does sing... so yes, pretty much the same thing.  Why am I telling you this you may ask?  Well tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of the day I became Mrs. Ryan King.  I am blogging today, because tomorrow I want to spend the day with my amazing husband and my two beautiful girls.  (Although I am currently getting frustrated with one because she keeps getting into things in my office!) 

Moving on...  I just want to say thank you Ryan King (yes I call him Ryan King, just saying Ryan feels weird) for being such an amazing husband.  You are affectionate and caring and put up with me real swell, even through those tough cranky-Lonnie moments.  I also couldn't ask for a better dad for Harper Willow and Sawyer Belle, you are so fabulous with them, whether its having a tea party, tackling a super nasty poo, or just snuggling on the couch, you make my heart happy every time I see your super-daddness.

5 years, 2 girls, and 2 k-9s later, I'm still crazy in love with you even though I don't always say it, and I know I'll be even more so 5 years from now!  Happy Anniversary!

My brother married us... pretty darn tootin special

I just like this picture

Can you believe its been 5 years!?!

Look how cute they were! Look at Kennedy's model pose... and Tristan's poor little face :(

Studs... enough said

Also I just really like this picture... pretty Amanda!

We really dig these people... even Aaron who is hiding behind Sam

3 of the most amazing ladies in all the land!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 4th of July...

This year, we decided to walk down town to the parade with our favie neighbors (Hellloo Kreitlows!)  It was a splendid time, we ate food, we watched the parade (who doesn't love a good bagpipe?) and we walked our bums way back up that hill.  Sadly, we missed out on the fireworks because Harper was just way too tired from our fun morning to stay up that late.  The best part of the day is a toss up between Grandma and Grandpa King (more on their visit later) arriving and the cuteness of the girls' dresses from my awesome Aunt Kathy (and Uncle Bruce, but I don't really think he picked them out)!

Whitney with Quinn and Harper to go throw dirt or rocks or something
She's pretty excited about her first 4th

Look! I see a giant duck!

Yup... we use our double stroller so the dog doesn't have to walk.
Like I said... Cuteness