Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fetching Bailey!

^See what I did there? Yeah, you see, you chuckled, perhaps deep down. I'm live blogging as we go get our beautiful Bailey! Mainly for something to do. I actually hate road trips... So much. Also Ryan has sports radio on... This will not last long.

It's 7:30 and we are off! Oregon here we come!

And we made it 1.5 miles!! Yay!! Any excuse for bagels... Even oscar got a doggy bagel, seriously we are going now

9:00- first potty break! Oscar had some serious business to take care of... Also why is it so sunny?!?

9:50- Longview! Heeeeyyyy. Listening to some Frozen soundtrack (for the 1,000th time) "don't know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zoooone!" I hear ya Anna.

10:00- a bird just dropped a big one on the middle of our windshield ( I'll spare you the photo) it's really stressing hw out, "our car needs to be clean for Bailey! Why did that bird do that?!" It has been decided that daddy gets the honor of cleaning that up next time we stop.

While we are just sittin here... Let's talk about how I got a little excited and went etsy crazy and got Bailey and Oscar hand made tags and a collar (for when she gets bigger) and matching leash, I even made a kennel cover for the ugly kennel to pretty it up a bit!! Eeek!! 

10:30- Portland... I've never actually been to Portland before, still haven't.

11:30- lunch at a flying J that is 13 days new and the people were the friendliest and super happy and helpful, it was lovely and odd, also, you can't pump your own gas in Oregon... I've decided that's weird. Girls and oscar are still on great spirits!! Although oscar found the squeaky toy I brought for Bailey and is goin to town back there.

12:25: so close! So many sheep!

We are here!!

Sawyer with Baileys dad?
Let's play which one is oscar?!

Here she is!!! Beautiful bailey!!

She is just so sweet, really all of the pups were! It's just a farm and the mom is a pet, Bailey instantly went to the girls and gave them kisses, we could not be happier! She is snuggling in my arms right now as we head back. Oscar... Is unsure, I'm sure he will grow to love her

10.5 hours later we are home! We are sure that Bailey will fit into our family great. Now onto all the challenges and joys of puppydom!

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